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Ignition Used Car Programme

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An effective Approved Used Car Programme is an essential component for both the OEM and their dealer network. To protect the residual value of the product it essential that as many internal vehicles as possible are disposed of via this important sales channel.

Often purchasing a used vehicle may be the first contact that the customer has with the brand so it is essential that they experience the same levels of satisfaction they would if they were buying a new vehicle. Managed correctly a used car programme can be a really effective customer retention tool for the OEM.

For the dealer used cars are a very important revenue stream and it is essential that they fully engage in this key area of their business. The reality is that they do not, it is not uncommon for dealers to fall down on basic issues such as poor presentation, poor stock management, weak processes, poor marketing to name but a few.

As a result BPAI have designed a dedicated Used Car Programme called “Ignition” it has a number of elements and can be adapted to support OEM’s dealer groups and individual dealers as required.

ignitionBPAI has had a vast amount of experience in delivering audit solutions for OEM’s. Our reporting programme is based on our very successful SAT tool which utilises the very lastest iPad technology. The programme provides detailed reporting and a simple to understand action plan for the dealers in cases where there is non - compliance or issues that require further development.

We can provide help and guidance in the design and implementation of POS to maximise the impact of any used vehicle programme –whilst ensuring that the brand values are reflected in this very important area.

BPAI has the resources to fully support a used car programme from providing basic assessment to bespoke used car consultancy from our very experienced team of used car consultants.

Whether utilising all or just elements of our “Ignition” programme BPAI can provide you with the support and expertise to develop your programme into a market leading proposition by:

  • Utilising modern technology.
  • Flexibility built into the programme that is very adaptable and simple to use.
  • Providing the dealer with clear and concise development actions.

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