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On-Track Programme

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Profit is sanity, turnover is vanity - Profit Improvement Programmes from BPAI
Are you On Track? – BPAI is helping UK Owner Managed Businesses to become more profitable by implementing our On Track Programme.

On Track Programme
Let’s face it - Running a business in the UK is becoming more and more challenging; there is more red tape and competition than ever. We have found that Business Owners and Managing Directors are finding it is quite a lonely place dealing with everyday problems and sometimes they feel like they are a fighting fire or fires in achieving and retaining healthy profits!

Let me ask you a question – Are you On Track to achieve or exceed budget this year? Let me explain the reality is perhaps that right now time is an issue and profitability is decreasing-sounds familiar? Read on, BPAI can assist you and get you On Track and assist you to achieve a profit performing business.

Firstly, we like to keep things at BPAI nice and simple to understand, our advice comes from a team of people who have worked in the industry they are not theorists.
In short, first we start with talking to you, getting to know your business and pressures that are at present stopping you achieving and exceeding your current budget. We then prepare a report highlighting the areas where improvement could be made and how you can achieve it. Lets face it, we’ve all been on courses where we spend nearly all week away when perhaps only 2 or 3 elements is what you needed training on. With BPAI we will deliver the training on site or via our online training portal therefore reducing your costs.

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