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Aftersales is a very important revenue stream for a dealership and it is essential that Dealers consistently focus on this important area of their business in order to maintain customer loyalty. It is paramount that the customer experience is always a positive experience, especially when you consider that aftersales satisfaction is the single most important factor in determining whether or not customers will return to the same Dealer and / or brand when considering their next new vehicle purchase. From our experience, Aftersales customers are looking for a relatively hassle free experience in that they require convenience, trust and value. Manufacturers Dealer networks need to ensure that they deliver high on trust and convenience so that value exceeds other alternatives for the customer.

The reality is they do not – it is quite common to witness a lack of any process, poor customer communications, followed by a poor handover back to the customer, often with little or no explanation of the invoice.

Circumstances such as these lead to poor CS scores, low service retention and loss of profit.

How can BPAI help? Our programme focuses on the four key areas within an Aftersales department to increase profit and customer retention:

People Process Time KPI's Interactive Reporting The programme can be linked to an interactive report suite providing the Dealer with with clear action plans.

Summary The programme offers either a complete solution or provides elements which will assist in the development of Dealers Aftersales operations, if followed it will improve performance and increase profitability whilst ensuring the three key elements

Satisfaction - Retention - Recommendation