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How Ai can work for you

BPAi are proud to offer Artificial Intelligence Software packages, to further improve efficiency in relation to time, real cost savings and productivity. In this climate we have new challenges and new ways of doing business, success will revolve around adopting new ideas, and adapting to technological advancements. As part of the Artificial Intelligence Software Package, we are happy to consult, plan, develop an optimised solution, and provide ongoing support.

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What is Ai?

Artificial Intelligence is a term describing computer software used to output one or many functions that a human could do, but doing it the same or better. Typically it is described as “narrow” as it can do one purpose, but many AI can be used to use for complex tasks ranging from classification to analysis.

AI can be applied to image, text, video, numerical data, audio and much much more.

Below is a simplified diagram showing the various systems that are considered AI.

Ai Diagram
They can be used together to provide more ‘intelligent systems’

What is RPA?

Robotic Process automation is a subset of Ai and is focused at replacing common, repetitive tasks, such as back office tasks, and making them automatic. RPA can save time and cost by automating routines and even providing better, faster customer service. It can also be used to build complex pipelines that automatically move data using rules and schedules.

It can be applied to documents, emails, databases, webpages and much much more.

The diagram below shows the various sections that contribute to what RPA can offer.

RPA Diagram

Why is AI important?

    AI, when implemented the right way, can deliver results with no bias or consideration of outside influences. It only looks at the data provided and can often provide accuracy that a human cannot achieve. That is what it has been focused at medical diagnosis and other cutting edge applications.

    Because AI can process data much faster, especially when there are large amounts, it can generate outputs that would otherwise not be possible. Often links in data sets become exposed as AI can revel hidden layers due to the automated nature of learning that occurs.

    It is possible to design re-training layers into a system, the solution has the ability to adapt to new data, this ensures that the more data that is exposed to an AI the more useful it will become at that function. In situations where a constant data feed is existing, the power of AI is exponential.

    AI can be used to replace common, repetitive task and free up time that would otherwise be consumed. Since the systems can be continually deployed without fatigue. They are also not subject to human error so provide a reliable source of efficient productivity.

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