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BPAi can assist in ensuring you get the absolute best performance from your Franchise Networks, by using our industry specific experts.

We do this by implementing a very defined PiP whereby the BPAi team helps you address challenges facing your business, implement turnarounds and maximise profitability.

The Business Management Team
The experience of the BPAi Business Management Team help you understand what your financial data is telling you about your performance and how to react to market trends.

Performance Planning
We use a range of PiP’s that provide a structured framework which will address the business priorities as follows:-

  • Creating a growth strategy with clear, achievable goals for the business and management to work towards

  • A trusted advisor working side by side on the key issues for your business, such as pricing, cost controls, margins, cash flow and profitability

  • Reviewing, modifying, setting up, and implementing processes with your network

  • Developing and providing key performance indicators across the business, to enhance continuous improvement

  • Having an independent team as a sounding board to offer guidance, motivation and advice across your network

  • Driving sales, profit improvement and enhancing the customer experience

  • Providing support and reports, for insight on results

The Solution
BPAi’s mission is to identify and assess the areas of opportunity that will assist you greatly in being more profitable and help you to take decisive action on areas where improvement is required.

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